Online Resources

Here are some links to websites and resources that  have been very helpful on various topics covered by First Step:


1.  This link highlights the Dignity for all Students Act.  It is a great resource to understand the mandates and extent of the law.

2.  This link lists common characteristics among “bullies”:

3.  An interesting site on teaching tolerance and a test on bullying:

4.  This website is effective for younger students as an introduction to concepts of bullying:

5.  Information about “Rachel’s Challenge”.  An anti-bullying program which began as a tribute to one of the victims of the Columbine shootings:

6.  This is a fairly new website that was set up by a young woman who wanted to make a difference by “connecting cliques” within schools.  Way to go, Madison!

7.  This is a great resource for current laws and school responses to bullying:

For more information on bullying or impementation of certain programs in your school or community, please contact First Step via email or phone.  We are constantly updating sources and looking for new programs and ideas that work in addressing this vital issue!

Substance Use, Abuse, Dependence:

1.  This site offers a concise explanation of the differences between use, abuse, and dependence on any psychoactive substance:

2.  This site is from Canada, but it has some good information about possible signs of drug/alcohol use and how to approach the subject with your child:

3.  This link is to the webpage for the National Institute on Drug Abuse.  It is a great resource for prevention and information:

4.  This link is for The Partnership for  Drug Free America.  It has many good tips and resources:

5.  This is a government sponsored website with some good general information:

6.  Parents – The Anti Drug website.  Empowering information for parents, educators, and others who work with kids.

7.  This link will give you a brief description of 12 step programs for various addictions:

If you or someone you know is struggling with abuse or addiction, please contact First Step.  Your information will remain completely confidential, and we can help you to take the “first step” towards getting help…